Access Sentry combines traditional reception with state-of-the-art technology to subdue vulnerabilities at the point of entry, granting or restricting access to privileged areas by the right people at the appropriate times.

Kiosk Station and Software Solution


Manufactured in America, the Access Sentry Kiosk Station and Software system is uniquely situated to meet the needs of security systems integrators and building operations managers seeking a 21st century lobby management solution.


Access Sentry is ideal for multi-tenant buildings and corporate campuses. It stands guard via a cloud-based or an on-premise interface and empowers “front desk” personnel to perform essential tasks to secure building perimeters. The unique virtual attendant feature provides face to face assistance for any application, including satellite locations.


With parameters that are 100-percent customizable based on preferences of end-users, our system was designed to be a cost-effective security concierge that streamlines the process of vetting guests, contractors and employees.


The lobby management software created by Access Sentry is easy to install and simple to use. The Kiosk Station features an intuitive interface that can be managed by personnel with even the most limited computer skills or experience.

Key Features

Driver’s license and passport scanner

Data logging of guest and visitor activity

High-resolution camera with IR sensibility

Ease of mobility and aesthetically pleasing design


  • Easily incorporated with existing software and information management systems
  • Quick sign-in and sign-out procedure to smooth traffic flow
  • Cross-referencing of individuals seeking access against restricted visitor lists
  • Professional badges printed to suit any need
  • Virtual perimeter that frees up “front desk” personnel to perform other essential tasks

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Access Sentry is NIST-compliant and each Kiosk Station includes a manufacturer’s warranty.